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Preference#1His phone background

Dan:Since you kept on stealing his snap back,Dan thought he should get matching snapbacks of the version you love for your 1 month anniversary.He took you to a high fancy restaurant . You was sitting at your reserved table and you was eating your food. He took your hand and with a slight touch,he made circles on the back of your hand. “Happy 1 month anniversary love, ” He took out 2 snap backs, one in a lighter version to the other. You grinned,”Tha-“. You was interrupted when the lights dimmed down, Latina music playing, dancers appearing, live entertainment! Te dancers were dragging up customers in the restaurant. You felt a tug of your arm being dragged, before you know it you consciously grabbed Dan along with you to the dance floor area. Dan whispers to you, what do we do ? You both have been given maracas. You look at him with a wry smile and say ” Dance ? “.With that, you two were weirdly dancing with maracas , dancing to the Latino music in the background. That was the picture of you two in his phone background.

Micky:You was at Micky’s apartment, chilling out. you two were so bored,and you couldn’t go outside since it was winter. You walk towards Micky, who is in the living room, sits on his lap, putting your arms behind his neck. “What should we do, Micky”? he looked at you and grinned. You could read his mind. Blanket fort! You and Micky rushed upstairs, trying to grab as many blankets as you could and came back downstairs. You started to make the fort in Micky’s living room, which was hard work! You glanced over at Micky, and you could see him working away , trying to get the blanket to stay in a position. You walked into the other room to grab some decorative lights. When you came back, Mickyy had nearly finished the
blanket fort!You crawled into the fort  and started putting up the lights. As you turned back you saw Micky next to you with his hand slowly coming up to your waist bringing you closer to him.There was silence. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable silence, enjoying each others company. You smiled at him,loking into his deep brown eyes, and he took his phone out and took a picture of you and him in your fort with the lights are shining in the background. That was his phone background.

Greg:Greg had whisked you away to a holdiay to Barcelona after the District 3 tour , it was evening, and your feet felt like they could drop off, since you two were walking for hours and hours. “Greg, how far is the hotel?” . Greg looked back at you and said “Tired right? Here look, there’s a beach, lets just take a moment to rest then”.  You two sprinted to the beach to just sit. It was deserted, but you didnt feel threatened by this as you had Greg by your side. Greg was holding you in his arms, and you were enjoying each others company. He then bent down to get something in his bag. You couldn’t see what it was but it was some sort of box. He whispers into your ear, here’s a little something for sticking by with me for 2 years, with the tour and with the hectic schedule . He gave you a necklace of a swan where it made you reminisce of how you two had first met. It was when you was trying to feed a swan in the lake at your local park. You threw the bread to the swans, except one of the swans came running after you! Since the excercise of running was tiring you out,you didn’t think as to where you was running to, so you accidentally toppled over Greg who helped you up, and dealt with the swan running towards  you by making duck like noises to scare the swan away.You laughed to yourself, thinking of that. You then felt a touch on your neck, which made you snap back into reality. Greg was placing the necklace onto your neck, and you wanted to take a picture of this moment . When you pressed the button to take the pcture, Greg leaned in and kissed your cheek. That was the picture that Greg had as his phone background .


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AU MEME: You and Micky decide to go the funfair which has turned up in the local area for one day only. You two have a comeption of who can eat the candyfloss the quickest, and Micky wins, but he kept on distracting you by chucking his candyfloss into your face. In the night, you are so tired by the walking and waiting for the rides, Micky piggybacks you from the funfair to your house.

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